Biographical Notes

Gennaro Calabrese is an American citizen, born and residing in Italy.

He has been working in the arts for forty years and has studios in Pompei, Via C. Alberto 72 and in New York.

He studied at the Famous Artists Schools, Westport, Connecticut U.S.A.

He gratuated at the Istituto d’Arte and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

He received in 1969 a scholarship for his artistic skills from the “Tiffany Foundation” at the National Academy School of Fine Art in New York City. He has specialized in various fields ranging from wall decoration, to ceramics, stained glass windows and art restauration.

Many of his works are in private collection, churches and museums in Italy and abroad.


Exhibitions and Prizes

Premio Banco di Napoli, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli

Premio A. Mancini, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli

Medaglia d’Oro, Concorso Nazionale Arti Figurative, Ravello

Mostra Personale, Casetta Medioevale, Roma

Mostra Personale F.U.C.I., Circolo Universitario, Pompei

Quadriennale di Roma

Premio Borsa d studio Tiffany

National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York City

Premio Edward Mooney, New York City

Premio Julius Hallgarten, New York City

78th Washington Square Art Ex. Greenwich Village, New York City

Mostra Personale, Brooklyn Museum

Mostra Personale, Scarlatti Gallery, Napoli

Mostra Personale, Mona Lisa Art Gallery (New York)

Murale, (Cenacolo) Chiesa S. Antonio, Scafati (SA)

Restauro, Chiesa S. Ciro, Portici (NA)

Mostra personale, G. 59, Napoli

Mostra Personale, Cappella S. Francesco, Sorrento

Mostra Personale, Associazione Dino Campini, Milano

Permanenza, galleria Petrofil già Rizzoli

Mostra Personale, Circolo del Forestiero Pompei

EXPO ’90 Bologna

EXPO ’90 Verona

Mostra Personale, Teatro Verdi, Salerno

Mostra Personale, Galleria Ars, Pompei

Europ’Art Lausanne, Svizzera

Mostra personale, Teatro delle Erbe, Milano

Mostra Personale, Centro Lucania Art Visive, Milano

Mostra Personale, Galleria Braun – Munchen, Germania

Mostra personale, Galleria Jacques – Munster, Germania

Mostra Personale, Eurozentrum – Koln, Germania

Mostra Personale, Galleria Jorke – Weilburg, Geraia

Mostra Personale, Rathaus – Haltern, Germania

Museo Gracco, Pompei

Permanenza Galleria Dieter Salomon – Sendehorst, Germania